One of cult movie Fight Club's most talked-about lines has been finally explained by the film's star Edward Norton.
Film fans and devotees of Chuck Palahnuik's Fight Club novel have pondered over Brad Pitt's line, "Why the ear?" for almost a decade - and now Norton has revealed what it meant.
The actor recalls, "The first hit in the movie is supposed to be really awkward and we had kind of agreed that I would just connect with Brad's shoulder muscle and (director) David Fincher walked up right before we did the first one and just said, 'Hit him in the ear.'
"I said, 'Really? I'm not sure, we're just getting going on this, he doesn't know me so well...' but I went and just kinda clipped him with the point of my thumb and it's in the scene.
"He says, 'Why the ear?'"