Fighting , which explores the world of underground fight clubs through the eyes of a character portrayed by Channing Tatum, receives the kind of respect that a good but never great fighter receives for his performance in the ring. A.O. Scott in the New York Times gives it an overall positive review, but he remarks, "Not that Fighting is a great movie. It has no desire to be one -- not an ounce of grandiosity or pretension or melodramatic overstatement. ... Its ambitions are modest, and it doesn't pursue them with excessive zeal, which may be why, improbably, it feels like a winner." Liam Lacey in the Toronto Globe & Mail reaches a similar conclusion. "Though by no means original or especially ambitious, Fighting turns out to be a surprisingly watchable B-movie, full of oddball personal touches from its director," Dito Montiel. Likewise Michael Ordoña concludes in the Los Angeles Times "It's not Raging Bull or Fight Club , but Fighting is populated by believable losers and lovingly adorned with just the right faces and peeling wallpaper to absorb you in Montiel's world."