The pop star first attacked the President and his supporters in an open letter she wrote last year (16), in which she came out as bisexual, and now she's targeting Trump again for signing an executive order to scale back federal protections for the environment.

Taking to Twitter, the 20-year-old writes: "Humans weren't created to eat money off of the plates of the rich, humans were created to experience life and their beautiful home of planet earth.

"They're brainwashing you into thinking you'll ever be as rich as them; you won't be because you will never be as ruthlessly inhumane. The billionaires in our government don't care that you can't afford your medication, they don't care that you're getting sick because of your water, food and air being poisoned with an immense amount of chemicals."

Lauren then urged her followers to concentrate less on celebrity culture and focus on what really matters.

"This is a dangerous fascist era we're in and while we may not feel the effects right now, there are going to be grave consequences for our children and grandchildren," she adds. "It's sad everyone has been dumbed down so much that what celebrities are doing and hooking up with is more important than the fact that our Earth and Democracy are dying."

The Cuban-American pop star also attacked Trump in an essay published in People magazine on 30 January (17), just days after the billionaire signed a series of controversial executive orders.

Lauren took particular issue with his reinstatement of the Mexico City Policy, a formerly abandoned order preventing U.S. charities from funding abortions abroad, and his 'Muslim ban' travel order, which attempted to bar refugees and immigrants from seven Middle Eastern countries from entering America.

"I got so angry when I heard about the 'Muslim ban'," she told MTV News. "Or, not really a Muslim ban - it was just seven specific countries in the Middle East (and North Africa) whose people have never participated in any affiliation with a terrorist attack (on U.S. soil). Those seven countries have never even been associated with that.

"So to claim them as 'terrorists' is even false to begin with. It doesn’t make any sense. So I was like, 'We need to write something about this'. People need to know what’s going on. People need to wake up... I don’t understand what’s going on right now. It just doesn’t make any sense."