The Republican candidate is vying for a spot in the White House and has already been surprisingly successful in his campaign. However, he has also courted controversy with his suggestions on dealing with immigration including building a wall along the border between Mexico and United States.

Singer Camila Carbello, who has a Mexican father and was born in Cuba, has some strong views about Trump and insists the whole girlband are united in their decision not to vote for the billionaire turned businessman.

"All of us agree we are not voting for Donald Trump," she told Britain's The Sun newspaper. "Anyone who looks into him should know he had no policies that are worth anything. He has said a lot of things that are just sexist, racist and ignorant. He’s just a danger to the country.

"The way that he speaks in front of America, with the whole world watching, endangers us as a country. It’s not even just a danger for America. It’s a danger to the world. It’s just gross to have someone like that representing our country."

Camila added she thinks Trump "speaks with hatred coming out of his heart", a thought her bandmate Lauren Jauregui agrees with.

"Honestly, completely honestly, if Trump does become president I’m not quite sure if I could be an American any more," Lauren added to the publication.

The girls are currently in England promoting their new single Work From Home and their upcoming album 7/27.

Speaking to The Sun, Dinah Jane Hansen and Ally Brooke revealed they recently attended one of Justin Bieber's concerts, but were left disappointed when the singer cancelled his VIP meet and greet, citing "mental and emotional exhaustion".

"We went to his concert the other week and I was hoping for a meet and greet. I don’t know what happened," Ally said.

But Dinah added: "People expect you to be a superhero and a perfect person when you’ve got this platform. JB is such a cool dude. It’s stressful to be as successful as he is."