Fifth Harmony feel as though they're ''growing into women''.

The girl group - comprised of Lauren Jauregui, Dinah Jane, Ally Brooke, and Normani Kordei - released their eponymously titled third studio album on Friday (25.08.17), and have said their journey over the past year, which has seen previous member Camila Cabello leave the band, has helped them develop as people.

Dinah said: ''Yeah, we're super, super proud of this era that we're stepping into and who we are individually. It's just amazing, for me especially, to see everybody growing into women. And even for myself, I've discovered who I am as a person, as a woman, as a daughter. So that [in] itself, I'm excited for everyone to see that and believe that.''

And the 'Down' hitmakers see the new era since Camila left the band in December 2016 as a ''rebirth'' for their music.

Ally said: ''A rebirth and a continuation [at the] same time. Definitely a rebirth and the really amazing thing is that we have such an incredible bond with the four of us and we're definitely like sisters. So it's really such a special experience. I can't really describe it.''

Whilst Dinah added: ''We discovered so much and have experienced so much, especially at this age. We're all in our 20s now. Yeah, we've lived life.''

The 'That's My Girl' singers also believe their new music gave them a chance to get their ''power back'' after facing the set back of losing a member, and say they've now learned to ''love music again''.

Speaking to 'Entertainment Tonight', Normani said: ''I feel like we got our power back and we learned to love music again. Because, you know, it reflects our voices and we say everything that we wanna be able to say and we know how we want it to sound. And we know that in 10 years, it'll mean what it means now to us. It's still special and it's something that we will forever be proud of.''