Venezuelan president HUGO CHAVEZ has hailed Fidel Castro as a fashion icon in an interview with supermodel Naomi Campbell. The star interviewed the Venezuelan leader last year (07), with the full article published in this month's (Jan08) GQ magazine. The catwalk beauty was commissioned by the men's magazine to conduct interviews with high profile political figures - with Chavez as her first subject. And the interview proved fruitful for Campbell, with Chavez admitting Cuban leader Castro was the best dressed world leader: "His uniform us impeccable. His boots are polished. His beard is elegant." Chavez also took the chance to describe President George W. Bush as "completely crazy", and compared British royal Prince Charles' new wife Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, unfavourably to his first spouse, the late Diana, Princess of Wales. He told Campbell: "I like the Prince. Now he has Camilla, his new girl. She's not attractive, is she?"