Cuban President Fidel Castro has reassured the Caribbean country he is "good health" after he broke his knee and his right arm in a fall on Wednesday (20OCT04).

The Communist leader, 78, worried his country people when he stumbled on the stairs of an art school in Santa Clara - a city east of the capital Havana - following a visit to the mausoleum of his late friend and comrade ERNESTO 'CHE' GUEVARA.

The Cuban government released a statement saying, "The medical exam confirmed what the Commander in Chief himself anticipated, that after his accidental fall at yesterday's ceremony there is a fracture in his left knee and a fissure in the upper part of the humerus of the right arm, which will be treated appropriately.

"Castro is fit to continue working on basic issues in close co-operation with the Party Leadership and the State.

The President, "asked to have thanked in his name all of those who expressed their concern and solidarity. And he appeals to them to maintain calm."

22/10/2004 09:44