Oya Festival

Oya Festival
Place: Middelalderparken, Oslo
Dates: From 05/08/2014 To 09/08/2014
Country: Norway

Norway is the homeland of Oya Festival, a mix of dance and rock music is available at this festival. 2014 sees the ground at Toyenparken to be occupied for the five day spectacle. 2013 saw an array of bands such as Slayer, Kendrick Lamar, The Knives and James Blake as well as many other talented bands. With the first night being the Club Night, then moving onto the bands over the next four days, it seems that Oya Festival brings everything and more for music lovers.

Oya Festival Headliners

Line Up

Bloody Beach Bombino Daniel Kvammen Darkside Emilie Nicolas Hanne Kolst> Janelle Mon e Johndoe King Midas Nadine Shah Omar Souleyman R"yksopp & Robyn Spidergawd Stein Torleif Bjella Thulsa Doom Windhand

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