Made In America Festival

Made In America Festival
Place: Fairmount Park, Philadelphia
Dates: From 31/08/2013 To 01/09/2013
Country: United States

Made in America Festival is an annual music festival held in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The event is sponsored by Budweiser and has a number of stages showcasing bands and artists of all styles. 

Made in America has previously been curated by Jay-Z and has seen Deadmau5, Phoenix, Beyoncé, Nine Inch Nails, Public Enemy and many more play the festival. 

Legendary director Ron Howard has created a documentary inspired by the festival & Jay-Z's work behind it. When asked about it, the director said: [It's] "a reflection of the fabric of what it means to be 'Made in America' - what the festival represents, why Jay is doing it and how he relates to each artist."


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