Camden Crawl

Camden Crawl
Place: London
Dates: From 20/06/2014 To 21/06/2014
Country: United Kingdom

The Camden Crawl sets out to fill the void of hassle free midsummer events for music lovers with an aversion of portable living and mud.  The longstanding springtime fixture will now take its seat upon the Summer Solstice within in a plumbing friendly environment comprised of independent venues and beer gardens for its annual live music marathon the week pre-Glastonbury.

Camden Crawl Headliners

Mouse On Mars

Line Up

Adrian Crowley Akiine Alexis Taylor Anneka Autobahn Bad Wolf Bird To Beast Blizzard Brawlers Brolin Brontide Claw Marks Crushed Beaks Cut Dignan Porch Dj Big Ted Dj Emily Rawson Dj Shorteeblitz Dj Target Early Ghost Ed Dowie Eighteen Nightmares At The Lux Felt Tip Femme Fis Gaps Girls Names Gnarwolves God Damn Halls Henry Blacker Hot Feet Jack Cheshire Jamie Doe Jay Prince Joel Baker Katie Kim Kinnie The Explorer Klose One Kuedo Longfellow Max Marshall Mazes Michael A Grammar Mickey Lightfoot Miraculous Mule Moon Ate The Dark Moon Gangs Mourning Birds Nai Harvest Novella Pale Seas Plastician Prose -Rachael Dadd Rhiannon The Nightmare Shopping Slaves -Soccer 96 Society Spit Shake Sister The Drink The Grumbling Fur The Kvb The Oscillation Tout Visionist Whistlejacket Whoanows

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