Place: Benicassim, Spain
Dates: From 17/07/2014 To 20/07/2014
Country: Spain

The Festival Internacional de Benicàssim (Benicàssim International Festival, commonly abbreviated as FIB) is an annual music festival which takes place in the port town of Benicasim, Spain. The first 'FIB' took place in 1995, and since then Benicàssim has been dedicated to indie rock, pop and electronic music as well as featuring artists who are a reference on the world stage. The unique location of the festival and the eight days of camping we offer allow the punters to enjoy a beach holiday as well as a music festival, and with major Spanish cities such as Valencia and Barcelona only a short drive away it is easy to turn your festival experienceinto something a little more cultural. The Fib Heineken Festival is set amongst the stunning natural beauty of the East Spanish coastal town of Benicassim, FIB is much more than just a music festival. The festival enriches not only your eardrums but your soul also. FIB has corporated the work of local artists within the confines of the festival site, as well as running a short film festival, and fashion shows adding a cultural element to the festival that is attracts record numbers of visitors every year. Another major draw of FIB is the location. Set in the beautiful beach resort of Benicassim, the acts play at night (5pm - 8am), allowing festival-goers to relax on the beach or check out the other attractions the festival has to offer during the day without worrying about missing the bands they desire to see. 'FIB' is held in the seaside resort of Benicassim (Castellón province) on Costa del Azahar, Valencia, Spain, 92.2km away from Valencia Airport in a venue which covers an area of 120,000 square metres. Festival goers who have purchased multi-day passes can camp for up to 8 days starting Monday before the festival starts and ending Tuesday after the festival has ended.

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