Festival Guide

Festivals be prepared

First things first…..

Buy your tickets from a designated outlet. There's been a real clamp down on people selling tickets on sites like eBay for a profit & touts. All tickets can be tracked, some people who have bought them off eBay might not be able to get on to the site.

What do you need to take?

Baby wipes always a fantastic investment

The obvious but necessary torch! guide rope hell.

A good quality bag to carry around during the day. Something with a zip is recommended.

Flash anti bacterial wipes, these are a must have for festivals cleaning or disinfecting the water tap before use.... also handy for dreaded porter loos!

Boxes of wine, great stuff! you can't go to a festival without booze. Take the wine bag out the box, again don't take up much space! (drink sensibly ladies & gents)

Disposable barbeques great for cooking anything, plus they are a great base for your fires (Ahem sorry that you're not allowed to make!) & you don't have to carry them home with you!

You can easily spend a lot of your budget on food & drink in the arena so take plenty of your own food, lots of munchies, put food in sandwich bags as it takes up less space and weighs less. Chewing gum is a must too.

Plastic bags great to sit on and put all your rubbish in, you will be surprised how much trash people make! – although, most festival sites do provide bags for collecting rubbish.

A chair, the ultimate in luxury, although if you have one you will be heavily envied and may be mobbed!

Unless you're a hardcore camper, it would be recommended to take a lilo to sleep on. It's amazing how much warmer you will be sleeping on that rather than the floor.

TOILET ROLL!! Take ten times more than you think you will need.

Disposable cameras are great, take one.

Waterproofs are always to be recommended, come on folks, we do live in the UK the chance of rain is always going to be rather high.

Never forget the tent!

What not to take;

Don't take bother with glass bottles, a couple of good reasons;

a. They are bloody hard to carry, put your drink in plastic pop bottles "trust me you will appreciate it, you may have quite a long way to walk"!

b. People tend to chuck them around the campsite and when it's dark. Oohh….you can do yourself a mischief!

Don't take anything you're not prepared to get broken or stolen!

If you take a bag, don't use one that is made of soft material, easy to rip or one that goes over your back there really easy to break into. (Rucksacks are the exception)

When you get to the site:

Arrive in plenty of time to grab the best place in the camping ground! Don't camp next to a fence, at night people go and piss against them.... You don't want anyone getting your tent confused with a loo!

Don't do too much on the first night. This is a problem many people have, but it will end up spoiling your whole weekend usually because you'll be sick and feel too horrible to enjoy what's going on.

For all you festy virgins don't bother taking any bottles to the arena, not even water they won't let you take it in.

Always stay with at least one other person and always arrange a meeting place in case you do get separated.

Know what you're buying. Lots of lovely people might offer you cake type fodder, if you're after food - go to a proper food counter.

Keep your car keys safe.

Enjoy the fun stay safe and see as much as you can.