Mexican actress Fernanda Romero's agents have filed letters to a Los Angeles judge requesting permission to remove the ankle monitor imposed on the star after her arrest for marriage fraud.
The 28 year old, who had a small role in 2009 horror movie Drag Me to Hell, is accused of organising a sham marriage to American Kent Ross in order to become a U.S. citizen.
Following her arrest last month (Apr10), Los Angeles lawmakers ordered Romero to wear an ankle monitor so authorities would be aware of her location - but the actress' agents insist the tag is hampering her career.
In letters filed on Tuesday (11May10), five of Romero's agents ask that the star be allowed to remove the monitor as it ruins her overall look when she is participating in photoshoots and auditions.
Romero, who has denied the accusations, was allegedly caught out after she reportedly embarked on a relationship with a fashion photographer just a month after her wedding.
If found guilty, she faces five years behind bars.
A hearing to decide if the monitor can be removed will take place on 17 May (10).