Mexican actress Fernanda Romero has issued a public apology after pleading guilty to lying on an immigration document in a bid to gain U.S. residency.
The Drag Me To Hell star formally entered her plea in court on Friday (28Jan11) after she was accused of making a false statement to officials investigating her sham marriage to American musician Kent Ross.
On a 2007 immigration form, Romero claimed that Ross and her mother "hang out all the time", a statement authorities believed to be false.
Romero now faces up to five years behind bars, as well as a fine and probation, but prosecutors have not pressed for a prison sentence, according to the Associated Press.
Romero has owned up to the offence, admitting her regret over the "misstatement".
Apologising for her behaviour, the star says, "I deeply regret my making this misstatement to (immigration officials) and take full responsibility for my actions. I apologise to all of those who have supported me through this difficult time."
Romero had been living in the U.S. for 10 years before marrying Ross in 2005. Prosecutors alleged the pair married to allow the actress permanent residency, but lived separately and dated other people.
She is due back in court on 11 April (11) for sentencing.