The Black Eyed Peas may release an album without Fergie.

The 'I Gotta Feeling' hitmakers are celebrating their 20th anniversary this year, having formed in 1995, but the 39-year-old vocalist - who is part of the band along with, taboo and - has revealed they may honour the milestone without her because she didn't actually join until 2003.

When asked if they have discussed plans for their 20th year, she said: ''Not really. I was just in the studio last week and I saw Taboo there, and I heard something will was doing and it was great. But maybe the guys are doing something? I haven't been in the group for 20 years, so it's more their anniversary of being together for 20 years. So maybe they're putting out an album themselves.''

The group have been on an indefinite hiatus since 2011, but, 39, previously announced the band would reform for their anniversary despite Fergie saying she is focusing on her solo album which is also due to be released this year, and has not spoken with her bandmates about future material.

She told entertainment news website Digital Spy: ''Well I just saw Taboo at the studio for a few minutes, but I'm working on my stuff and I only have a certain amount of hours I can be in the studio because I have Axl. So I'm just very focussed on finishing my album right now.''

The Black Eyed Peas' last single was their 2011 hit 'Don't Stop the Party', while Fergie has teased material from her second solo album with the single 'L.A. Love (La La)' which was released in September.