POSEIDON ADVENTURE star CAROL LYNLEY is less than impressed by the new remake POSEIDON, branding it "boring". Lynley played NONNIE PARRY in the 1972 film, the role taken by THE BLACK EYED PEAS singer Fergie in the new blockbuster. The 64-year-old actress hates the latest version, and wishes Hollywood could have just left the story alone instead of trying to better the original. And Lynley can't even bring herself to watch last year's (05) TV movie starring Rutger Hauer. She says, "I want to be polite because I might have to work with these people. But it is terrible. "I wanted to like it but I got very bored. All the actresses looked the same. They all had the same hairdo and are all brunettes. "(The TV) version is supposed to be even worse. I haven't seen it - I am not into pain."