Fergie hates parting with old clothes.

The Blacked Eyed Peas singer admits she is a bit of a hoarder when it comes to her outfits and finds it difficult to get rid of some items.

Speaking about a recent clear out she had, Fergie said: "Part of me was just holding on to things, thinking it was all going to go away."

Fergie also revealed how much she appreciates getting free clothes from designers because she grew up not having a lot.

She told America's Glamour magazine: "I really appreciate all the perks that I get in this business.

"When I was young, once in a while, my mother and I would go into this luxurious store, and I'd pick out one outfit that I could buy for myself. This is the girl who got hand-me-downs from the church. So it was the most special treat in the world."

Fergie recently revealed how it used to take two hours to do her hair before school but admitted she was never stylish.

She said: "There are many pictures of me from high school and I had the spiral perm and I scrunched my hair. I would take two hours sometimes to do my hair before school, which is ridiculous. Teasing my bangs up to six inches high."