Fergie's mother's best beauty tip was how to brighten up her face in seconds.

The Black Eyed Peas singer's mum, Theresa Ann, taught her how to get an extra glow out of her face with just a little mascara and blusher.

She said: ''I learned that a little bit of colour on your cheeks and some mascara on your lashes would brighten up a face instantly.''

The 'Fergalicious' singer is a global beauty ambassador for make-up line Wet n Wild - with her signature line of products hits stores in September - and added her mother, always presents herself immaculately, and can't live without the company's brand of eye Shadows.

She added to wnwbeauty.com: ''It's always been Wet n Wild's eye shadows because they have always had the most colours.

''She loves how the colours match so well with all of her outfits and her moods.''

However, Fergie - full name Stacy Ann Ferguson - does not pay as much attention to her own looks.

She added: ''I am so much lazier than she is about that.''

If she could see her mother in one particular style of make-up though, Fergie would choose Halloween styling.

She added: ''I'd love to see my mum try 'Day of the Dead' make-up for Halloween because she always has the greatest costumes.''