Pop star Fergie was desperate to show off her sensitive girly side on her new album, after having to play the role of tomboy while singing for THE Black Eyed Peas. The LET'S GET IT STARTED star, real name STACY FERGUSON, was anxious to appear more feminine and take a break from her usual in-your-face antics. She explains, "It's an important thing for people to see more of this little-girl side because that's a part they don't get to see with the Black Eyed Peas. "They're both who I am. I'm a strong woman. I'm also romantic. I'm very intimate. There's the left-brain side of me as well as the right-brain." Ferguson worked with her Black Eyed Peas band mate WILL.I.AM to produce her album THE DUTCHESS, the first release from his label under Interscope Records. He adds, "After MY HUMPS, people forgot that Fergie could sing. "So it was important to stress to people that she can sing. We wanted her to sing haunting melodies and be inspiring so that you want to sing along. "She's the most vocal gymnastic that I know. I'm shocked from an MC perspective. She's got flow. To me that's fresh!"