Fergie enjoyed watching her baby poo on her husband.

The Black Eyed Peas star has described parenthood as an ''amazing'' experience and claims one of the funnier moments since becoming a mother to her three-month-old son Axl Jack was when the tot unexpectedly made a stinky mess on his dad Josh Duhamel.

She told Huffington Post Live: ''Baby Axl is amazing. He's the light of my life, my husband, he got, sharted on, I guess you could say, I watched it happen and it was pretty amazing.''

Fergie initially struggled to adapt to the unpredictable routines that comes with raising an infant but she has learnt to balance her music career and motherhood.

She explained: ''I'm a scheduler, I'm a planner, so I would schedule the time to spend with him for learning time, What I didn't realise is his feeding times change every day. So I just really have to live more spontaneously and just, kind of, when he's ready to learn and be fed and he's ready to react and respond to me - he's first priority - and my emails will have to wait.''