Fergie has admitted wetting herself on stage was the ''most unattractive moment'' of her life.

The Black Eyed Peas singer was infamously caught short on stage in San Diego in 2005 because she didn't have time to go to the toilet as the group were so late for their gig, but the 39-year-old wishes she had stopped off to use the facilities before jumping straight on stage.

Speaking on the 'Ebro in the Morning' show on radio station Hot 97, she said: ''It does not just happen all the time.

''We were late for stage, driving down the freeway, it's Friday traffic ... get to the stage, we have to start right the show.

''I'm running on and we jump and do 'Let's Get It Started', and I get crazy and I jump and I run across the stage and my adrenaline was going and gosh.

''I wish it didn't happen ... It was so embarrassing!''

Fergie - who has 14-month-old son Axl with husband Josh Duhamel - was left with a sizeable wet patch following the awkward incident and despite her best efforts to pass the obvious puddle off as sweat, she eventually had to come clean.

However, the blonde beauty is not the only star to have suffered a stage mishap as in 2012 Christina Aguilera performed at Etta James' funeral and was left embarrassed when a mysterious liquid started trickling down her leg. Her representatives later insisted it was an excess of her spray tan.

In 2008, Wu Tang Clan's Method Man performed a stage dive which went wrong when everyone in the crowd moved out of the way and he hit the concrete, while Drake also suffered an unfortunate injury in 2009 when he had to be carried off stage after hurting his leg due to his over-eager jumping.

In 2012, Madonna infamously fell down some stairs while performing at the Super Bowl halftime show, and at the same event in 2004 Janet Jackson suffered a wardrobe malfunction when her nipple was exposed.

What's more, Kings Of Leon were forced to abandon their St Louis gig in 2010 mid-show when a group of pigeons wouldn't stop pooping on them, but bassist Jared Followill certainly came off the worst when one of the birds dropped its load into the 27-year-old star's mouth.