Fergie admits make-up is her ''passion''.

The Black Eyed Peas singer has teamed up with beauty brand Wet n Wild to come up with her own line of products, and she insists her cosmetics will be of a very high standard because of her knowledge of make-up.

She said: ''Make-up is a personal passion of mine, so I made sure that I touched and curated every single product in this collection to ensure we are offering the highest quality formulas, textures and shades available.''

She added: ''This was probably the most organic partnership I could have ever imagined. Wet n Wild, its owner, Eric Chen, and I come from the exact same place, a neighbourhood in LA called Hacienda Heights. I was Wet n Wild's target customer while growing up, and now I have a chance to be part of its evolution. Creating a luxury product which is very affordable has been such an amazing journey for us. I'm extremely excited to be taking my partnership with Wet n Wild further by creating a complete make-up line that every woman can wear.''

Meanwhile, the 38-year-old star admits she can't live without her nude lipstick and makes sure she carries it around with her every day in order to keep her lips hydrated.

She explained to Ireland's U magazine: ''I always keep a Fergie Daily Lipstick with me. It's a great nude that you can wear every day. Hence the name. I also keep moisturiser on hand - with all the travelling I do, I'm always hydrating. Hydrated skin also hold make-up the most evenly.''