BLACK EYED PEAS singer Fergie has acquired a new addiction while on the road - the British TV comedy FAWLTY TOWERS. The MY HUMPS singer and her bandmates are huge fans of the JOHN CLEESE-starring 1970s sitcom about a clumsy hotel owner and his nagging wife. She says, "One thing I've really only just discovered is a British TV show I really like called Fawlty Towers. "I'd never heard of it, but there's one on the tour bus and we've been watching it a lot, episode after episode. There was one where a couple came too late for dinner and the cook had to leave, so John Cleese had to go in and make the dinner and his wife was very embarrassed. "I love how he and SYBIL bicker. Our bus driver recommended it. Now I want to buy the whole DVD boxset."