Felicity Jones is ''obsessed'' with make-up.

The 34-year-old actress has admitted she's been fascinated with beauty products since she was a teenager, and admits she loves the ''artistry'' involved in make-up, especially in her field as an actress.

She said: ''I've been obsessed with [make-up] since I was a teenager and obviously through my work, where so much of a character is about the way that they apply makeup or don't apply it, it's such a good tool for being an actor. It's always been great fun and I love the process of sitting down and - it's quite meditative - applying makeup. I love the artistry of it and how it can change the way you feel.''

The 'Theory of Everything' star isn't all about make-up though, as she insists her ''personal philosophy'' when it comes to beauty is ''paying attention to oneself''.

She added: ''My personal philosophy to beauty is paying attention to oneself. I love to be outdoors, lots of fresh air, trying to take care of yourself as best you can. I always notice that comes through. I love to do yoga and Pilates and swimming and walking and running and I do prefer being active rather than sitting in front of my computer.''

In 2018, Felicity will be the global face of Shiseido-owned Clé de Peau, and has praised the cosmetics and skin-care line as ''fantastic''.

Speaking to WWD.com, she said: ''I knew their concealer very well because it's in every makeup artist's kit and it's fantastic. So I knew the products, but in working with the brand I got to know them very well and how they work, and I've been impressed by their precision, their attention to detail and their love of quality. They do everything incredibly carefully.''