Felicity Huffman missed out on an Oscar for her performance in TRANSAMERICA this year (06), because film bosses failed to market the actress enough, according to her husband William H Macy. The Fargo actor, who lost out himself on an Oscar to Jerry Maguire's CUBA GOODING JNR in 1997, believes that Reese Witherspoon won the Academy Award because the producers of Walk the Line had such a successful marketing campaign. MACy says, "The one thing about these award ceremonies, let's be honest, is (they're there) to sell tickets. "It's all about marketing. And the actors pay the price for that. They put us in a little contest. "I think GEORGE CLOONEY said it best: 'How are you going to decide which of these five is the best unless all of us put on a bat-suit? Then you can decide."