DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES star Felicity Huffman was forced to drop her transgender character when her kids visited the set of new film TRANSAMERICA - because her new look terrified them.

The actress plays a man becoming a woman in the quirky new film and found it so difficult to get into her part and alter her voice for the role she insisted on staying in character all day.

Huffman even spoke to her husband William H Macy by phone in a deep voice - but it was her children who were most startled by the transformation when they visited her on set.

She recalls, "There happened to be a time in Arizona where I couldn't see them, so they came out to me. They came to the set and there I was in my lavender outfit and the lovely hair and they freaked out.

"My oldest (SOFIA), who was four at the time, kind of got it but my two-year-old (GEORGIA) freaked out. I immediately dropped the voice and started screaming in a high pitch, 'Hi, it's me! It's mamma!' She finally got over it but she didn't dig it."