Felicity Huffman paid tribute to BOB IZZO, the grip on her acclaimed film TRANSAMERICA, during her Best Actress acceptance award at the Independent Spirit Awards last night (04MAR06) - for making the low-budget film possible. The DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES star urged all directors at the event to add Izzo's name to their contact books - because he overcame huge obstacles in the desert to make sure director DUNCAN TUCKER and his cast and crew could continue when things seemed hopeless. Huffman recalled Izzo trying to rig up a generator with a torch after the set's driver had driven off to Mexico with vital keys and the fourth caterer in a row had quit. She said, "I remember him saying, 'This f**king movie better win some f**king awards because it's a f**king pain in the ass...' I just wanna say, 'Bob, we won the f**king award.'"