Actress Felicity Huffman landed her role in hit U.S. TV series Desperate Housewives in a shocking audition when she complained about the pitfalls of motherhood.
The mum-of-three stunned casting directors when she stumbled into her audition for the show, looking distressed.
She then told the agents "I'm losing my mind" in reference to raising her brood - and believes she got the job as a result of the comment.
Huffman says, "The women pulled back from me as if I'd said, 'I eat babies.' I felt such shame and remorse and humiliation. And I guess that's exactly what they wanted for (my character) Lynette.
"I'd just left two screaming kids in the bathtub and it was raining. I thought I pulled myself together well. Later on, one of the producers said, 'It was so great because you were such a mess and so frazzled, and your pants were filthy!'"