DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES star Felicity Huffman blames offensive flatulence on her reasons for not pursuing a career as a back-up singer.

The actress, wife of William H Macy, recently enjoyed the opportunity to realise her life-long dream when Oprah Winfrey gave her the opportunity to sing for Tina Turner.

But Huffman admits her onstage moment may have arrived years earlier if she wasn't falsely held responsible for a gaseous expulsion on day in the past.

She says, "I was a back-up singer once and I went into the studio with these really cool African-American women who had done it their whole lives.

"I came on like white girl weirdo, (with) no lips. And I stand up, I have two beats and they stop and they go, 'Oooh! Who booted? Did you boot? Who booted in here?'

"Someone had farted and they blamed it on me! And at that point, I went, 'No, I didn't boot, but I'm going to leave!'"

07/02/2005 02:57