TERI HATCHER showed off her culinary skills on the DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES TV set when castmate Felicity Huffman needed a Thanksgiving pie for her daughter's school feast.

Huffman didn't get the chance to cook up her planned sweet potato pie the night before the school get-together because she was busy between filming new movie TRANSAMERICA and the hit US show - but Hatcher stepped in to save the day.

Huffman explains, "I had to bring something for a Thanksgiving feast at my kid's nursery school but, of course, I went to sleep at nine o'clock because I just can't stay up late and I went to work at five o'clock the next morning.

"Teri went, 'Did you make the sweet potato pie?' and I said I couldn't.

"She went, 'I have the stuff,' so in her little trailer she made this fantastic sweet potato pie with glazed pecans that was a hit, and it was ready by nine o'clock.

"I went and took it and took credit for it. It was fantastic. It was the hit of the nursery school."