Oscar-nominee Felicity Huffman is such a fan of Dove's 'real women' advertising campaign, she wrote them a letter praising them for their work and landed an advertising contract. The body product company's campaign features real women rather than slim models in their advertising, in order to promote healthy and realistic body images. Huffman explains, "I saw the Dove 'real women' billboards, with real women in their underwear, which I just loved. "I thought Dove's doing that and no one else is, so I actually wrote a fan letter, which is not like me, just saying thank you. "This opportunity came up for the Dove Calming Night Collection, which is at the end of the night when you're exhausted, and putting the kids down and dinner and cleaning the kitchen, and you take a shower and they said, 'Would you like to be a part of that?' The Desperate Housewives actress agreed to star in "webisodes", a combination of a sitcom episode and commercial, on the company's website. She adds, "I get to be a part of Leave It to Beaver and The Munsters and THE Brady Bunch and they stick me into the scene. "They said Penny Marshall is directing it, so I jumped on. "They're really funny and they're great to do and I'm really happy to be a part of that."