Review of MUSHABOOM Single by Feist


FEIST - MUSHABOOM - Single Review




Despite having a title that sounds like the plan for a student’s weekend it is in fact a spine tingling, piano sparkled and folk feeling offering from this quaint and clever Canadian songstress. Some people will listen to this number and think; “boy this voice sounds familiar” well, you might have heard it on Peaches infamous offering ‘Teaches of Peaches’, as Feist kindly loaned her larynx for the recording of it.

FEIST - MUSHABOOM - Single Review

Her voice is tender and summery, standing out against the rustic and jangling instrumental accompaniment, whereby she tells the tale of a city slicker (she has lived in Calgary and Toronto) longing for the quiet life.

‘Mushaboom’ is a mature and thoughtful track, but most importantly it contains a sense of fun borne out in the instrumentals. This nifty number is taken from Feist’s underrated ‘Let It Die’ album that has been available for purchase in the UK since 12th July 2004. It is early days yet and there is evidently a great deal more to come from the classy Calgary born girl, but she possesses the emotion and musical ability to become a female Dashboard Confessional. This, of course, is in the sense that she seems keen to continue to plough a creative lone furrow in our ever increasing ‘do as you are told’ music industry.

David Adair