Feeder frontman Grant Nicholas has rubbished rumours the rockers are splitting, claiming his comments during a recent radio interview were entirely misconstrued. The Welsh star is furious the speculation has prompted thousands of fans to worry the BUCK ROGERS hitmakers are giving up at the peak of their songwriting prowess. He says, "The stories that we are splitting up are a load of rubbish. It's my fault because I said something in an interview to a not very bright radio DJ. I don't know why he twisted it around so much. "We basically said that the next full album would complete our six album contract with our label, Echo, who we've been signed to for 13 years. I said we'd either stay with Echo and sign a future deal or move on to a new label. "He took that as the band splitting up, which is not the case at all. "It was all over the papers and it wasn't the sort of publicity we needed at the time because the band are stronger than ever and I am writing some of my best songs."