Feeder frontman Grant Nicholas is still haunted by the suicide of former bandmate JON LEE - but now uses the experience to influence the band's music.

Welsh Nicholas formed the band with drummer pal Lee - who hanged himself at his Florida home in 2002 - and admits he found it hard to carry on recording and performing without him.

He says, "That was a horrible time and it still is. Jon and myself started the band off in Wales. We had a bond between us. We were really close; it was brotherly thing.

"Of course I miss having him around. He was a great drummer and just a great person to have around. It affected me more than anyone because I knew him so well. Jon was the last person you'd expect to do something like that.

"I've turned those thoughts, the negative ones and the positive ones, into songs."

25/01/2005 09:37