Feeder's Grant Nicholas offered the band's next single 'Blue Sky Blue' to Liam Gallagher.

The 'Buck Rogers' hitmaker shares a publicist with the former Oasis frontman and he penned the track, which features on their new LP 'Tallulah', with him in mind.

However, unfortunately, when he suggested the 46-year-old rocker might like the song to Katie Gwyther - who runs Fear PR with her sister and Liam's girlfriend Debbie Gwyther - the 'Wall of Glass' singer had already finished his album.

Speaking exclusively to BANG Showbiz, Grant said: ''On this album ('Tallulah') I had a song I wrote with a bit of a Liam head on.

''Our next single, 'Blue Sky Blue', I kind of wrote and thought this would be quite a good song for Liam.

''But by the time I had it done and I mentioned it to Katie (Gwyther, publicist to Liam and Feeder), she said that they had already finished the album, so I was too late.''

Grant - who attended the premiere of Liam's documentary 'As It Was' in June - would love to do some co-writing for the 'Shockwave' singer in the future though, as Oasis and Feeder share fans.

He said: ''I have met Liam a few times and I think I could actually write some really good stuff for him.

''We are different bands, Oasis was a different vibe, but we were both about big melodies and guitars.

''You would be amazed at how many fans we have in Manchester, we've got so many fans from there.

''There is obviously something in our music that fans of Oasis like.''

Feeder release their new album 'Tallulah' on Friday (09.08.19).