LATEST: Feeder frontman Grant Nicholas has rubbished reports the British group are set to split.

The TUMBLE AND FALL rockers are baffled by the unfounded media reports and insist they are more dedicated to making music than ever.

And Nicholas confirms Feeder are planning a rampaging return with a new studio album and a special singles compilation packed with their past hits.

He says, "I don't know where it came from. I did an interview and I was telling the journalist how we only had one more album to do under our current record label, Echo.

"All I said was that we hadn't decided to whether to say with them and sign another deal after that or whether to move on to another label. That's all.

"The band isn't splitting up and the story was absolute rubbish. There are certainly no plans to call it a day in the future and there are no problems within the band at all."