Ferne Cotton is ''good with a screwdriver''.

The 37-year-old presenter - who has Rex, five, and Honey, three, with husband Jesse Wood - admitted she does more of the DIY in her home than her spouse because he is too ''laid back'' to get things done and she also wants to set a good example to her kids.

She said: ''I'll always say, 'Mummy's very strong' when I'm [moving furniture]. Subliminal messaging! I don't want them to go, 'Daddy's the strong one and Mummy's the baking one.' I love to bake but I want them to know that I have also built the majority of the flatpack furniture in our house. I'm good with a screwdriver. My husband would do it but he's very laid-back so it would happen in about 2020. I get these things done.''

But Ferne and Jesse feel conflicted because they are also teaching their son to be chivalrous and open doors for women.

She said: ''This might go against feminism - I'm not sure these days - but I really don't want chivalry to go. We can't let it go. I've had men walk through swing doors and they've smashed me in the face. Please don't do that!''

The 'Celebrity Juice' star thinks the younger generations are much more understanding of self-acceptance and gender.

Speaking to Grazia magazine, she said: ''I wear quite blokey, loose clothes because that's the silhouette I prefer. But this idea of having to be feminine or masculine - the younger generation know what they're doing more than we do. There's a transgender kid at my stepkids' school and nobody thinks anything of it other than that is who they are. That generation is way more savvy than we are.''