Fearne Cotton finds making parenting decisions ''debilitating''.

The 38-year-old presenter - who has Rex, six, and Honey, four, with husband Jesse Wood - admitted she is hesitant about making choices for her family because she's worried about making a mistake with far-reaching consequences.

Speaking on Rachel Botsman's podcast 'Trust Issues', she said: ''I think, lots of stuff around parenting, I find really confusing, because like I said, before I had kids, I would just give everything a go, but now I've got two and two step-kids...

''I'm needed in a practical sense and an emotional sense, and my decision-making feels very loaded always, and I get really confused around what is the right way of creating boundaries and discipline, all these things, because I'm so worried about making a mistake that's going to have consequences in the future for them.

''So, it feels terrifying. I am very indecisive, and it requires a lot of talking to other parents, my husband and professionals, to get an idea of what I should do.

''I find it sometimes debilitating, those decisions, and they can be tiny things, but I still find it very tricky because this is not just about me and something going wrong for me, this is other human beings that I am here to guide.

''I've got to get it right, or at least try and do my best, and I think that's the hardest thing about being a parent, without a doubt.''

But in her professional life, the DJ has always had a more ''gung-ho'' attitude and embraces the opportunities that come her way.

She said: ''I think before I had kids, I was so gung-ho about everything. I would just go for it. I just thought, 'You live once.' I was absolutely just in that frame of mind constantly. 'Just do it. Just try. Go for it.'

''I think that probably one of the main reasons that I've done well in anything I do is because I give stuff a go.

''I'm not the best broadcaster, I'm not the best artist, I'm not the best DJ and I'm not the best anything, but I always try.

''I've never not tried, and that doesn't mean I've done well in all of it.''

Even if she's ''terrified'' of a professional opportunity, Fearne has still forced herself to take it - unless it didn't feel ''right''.

She added: ''I've definitely turned down things but it's because it hasn't felt right, but if something feels like, 'This is worth a go,' I try.

''I'll give it a bash, even if I'm terrified.''