Fearne Cotton is letting ''nature take control'' when it comes to having a second child.

The 33-year-old radio and television presenter has 22-month-old son Rex with her husband Jesse Wood - who she married in July last year - and revealed she is hoping to have another child but isn't pushing too hard for it to happen straight away.

She said: ''Another child would be a blessing. We'll let nature take control and see what happens.''

Despite not rushing to become pregnant again after the birth of their son in February 2013, the 'Celebrity Juice' team captain admitted she wanted to be a mum for several years before she fell pregnant.

She explained: ''I've always wanted to be a mum since I started feeling broody in my early 20s. I love every single bit of being one.

''It's the best thing that has happened to me. The love is off the scale.''

Although the pair are now focused on being parents to their toddler, the blonde beauty said both she and her 38-year-old beau were difficult to look after as youngsters and expects Rex to be the same as he grows up.

She confessed: ''In my early 20s I definitely put mum through it. I pushed the boundaries and had questionable boyfriends.

''When I was going out loads and going to gigs I probably wasn't telling her where I was.

''Jesse got up to no good when he was young too so it would be just desserts if our kids did the same.''

However, Fearne promised she will always stand by her kids, in the same way her parents supported her.

She told The Sunday People newspaper: ''But we'll do what our parents did. We'll just show our children we're there for them no matter what.''