Fearne Cotton was forced to buy a £300 gown after she sold the clothes ''off my own back'' at the 'Fearne on Fashion' pop-up shop.

The 35-year-old television and radio presenter was forced to buy an Ossie Clark black dress, which was the most expensive garment on sale, when two customers wanted to buy the metallic stripe jumper and purple mini skirt she wore to the opening of the temporary store earlier this month.

Speaking in the tenth episode of the video series with The Huffington Post UK, the blonde beauty said: ''This is it. The time has finally come to open the doors to my very own pop-up shop, and I am just a little bit terrified.

''Across the series I have met some incredible people who have donated the most amazing clothes for today, no pressure.

''Although some people like the clothes a little too much.''

Speaking to the consumers, she said: ''So you want to buy my outfit you just said. I mean I could always op on another dress. I mean I could give them my clothes and just wear the gold dress for the rest of the day. Shall I? Sod it. What am I doing?

''I am literally selling the clothes off my won back, that's what I'm doing.

''Try on my actual clothes and we will work on a price in a moment.''

The former 'Top of the Pops' presenter sold the top for £15 and the skirt, which she had originally bought at a vintage store, for £10.''

Fearne - who has four-year-old son Rex and 18-month-old daughter Honey with her husband Jesse Wood - initially wanted to purchase a glitzy gold dress, but had to purchase the more expensive gown instead because it didn't fit.

She said: ''Doesn't fit me.

''Let me buy this dress. It wasn't the cheapest outfit I could have picked out.''

Fearne has admitted she was so nervous she feared she would vomit ahead of the opening, but was surprised by the final outcome.

She explained: ''I'll be honest at about 1.55pm I thought I'm going to puke because no one was here, and then by 2.05pm there was a queue. And people genuinely seem to like the clothes, so I am over the moon.

''I can't quite believe we have actually done it, pretty good for a couple of hours of this shop being open.

''All of those little things that I've picked up from different designers and people we have met along the way has made today work.

''Seeing loads of woman walk out of this shop with full bags of bargains, that makes me really really happy.''