Fearne Cotton refused to play ''hard to get'' when she met Jesse Wood.

The 38-year-old presenter ''didn't care'' if her keenness put off her now-husband - with whom she has children Rex, six, and Honey, three - and was grateful to find he took the same approach.

She said: ''By the time I met my husband Jesse, I was tired of the dating scene, and purposefully gave up trying to play hard to get.

''I didn't care if he thought I was undesirable or less intriguing because I would text back immediately or whenever I wanted to.

''Luckily, he had a similar mindset. Our relationship was a game-free zone and we had some heartfelt, honest conversations straight away. Relief! Finally I had met my match.

''Seven and a half years together, we still have little desire to play it cool with each other and my compulsion to be too keen has also wheedled its way into the new friendships in my life.''

Fearne admitted she has never felt ''cool'' because she's always been so eager to connect with people.

Writing in her Red magazine column, she said: ''I am not cool. Sure, once in a blue moon I might do some 'cool' things, go backstage at a gig or stay up past 11pm. But underneath, Im still an overly enthusiastic kid from the suburbs with no idea of how to 'play it cool'.

''I just can't do it. I've always been too excited by people, too eager and willing to please every new person in my life.''