Fearne Cotton's social life has gone ''down the s***ter'' in recent years.

The 37-year-old TV presenter - who has kids Rex, five, and Honey, three, with her husband Jesse Wood - has revealed that her social life has suffered as she's struggled to balance her work commitments and raising her children.

Speaking to Women's Health magazine, Fearne shared: ''My social life has gone down the s***ter. I used to see my friends every day, but I just can't fit it in right now.

''If I did I'd be burnt out because my work like is so busy. So, I think you do have to lose something. My girlfriends aren't going anywhere.''

Despite her fame and success, Fearne still harbours lots of regrets about her own life.

And the British star revealed she admires people who are able to live in the present, rather than dwelling on their past mistakes.

She said: ''I will never be one of those people who has no regrets - I've got loads of regrets, I don't understand how you can't.''

Fearne has been open about her struggles with depression over the years, and she's admitted that she endured a particularly difficult time over the summer.

The presenter - who married Jesse in 2014 - explained: ''I'm good now, but this summer was weird ... everything was worrying or annoying. I had a feeling of being a bit overwhelmed and knowing I wasn't enjoying the things that I should. Then there was this weird turning point...

''I hadn't changed anything ... but I just woke up and felt a bit better one day. I had some friends over and my husband said, 'Oh my god! Your spark's back, I can see it!'''