The band was travelling to a concert in Munich in the early hours of Wednesday morning (25Nov15) when their tour bus was involved in a nasty accident, reportedly due to the wintry weather.

Pictures posted on the group's page show the bus with damage to the front and a smashed windscreen, but the musicians have confirmed they were not injured in the crash.

"We just left Aschaffenburger Germany heading our way to Munich and we were just involved in a bus crash," they explain in a statement posted online. "Everyone is Ok just a little shaken up. It doesn't help when it's 4:30 am and snowing outside!"

A message posted on the group's page later revealed they have a new tour bus and are planning to continue with their scheduled shows.

"None (sic) got hurt and we just got a new bus so the show must go on the road," the tweet reads.

They are due to play at the Backstage Halle venue in Munich on Wednesday night (25Nov15).