U.S. rockers Fear Factory have cancelled their upcoming European tour amid a legal battle over copyright of the band's name.
The group formed in 1989 and have gone through numerous line-up changes in their two-decade long career.
Current members Christian Olde Wolbers and Raymond Herrera are locked in a battle to keep the Fear Factory name after ex-bandmates Dino Cazares and Burton C. Bell took on the same moniker to make music.
And Cazares and Bell have now axed a European road trip but denied it was linked to the wrangle - insisting they need time write more songs.
In a statement, the pair say, "These particular dates are being postponed in order that we, as Fear Factory, may finalise the writing and recording of our new music... In order for Fear Factory to create the album of our career, we must focus and work diligently to engineer our rhythms of mechanical death.
"In this parting statement, please understand that postponing these dates is not for any other reason than to create the album that Fear Factory fans are anxious to hear."