The actress filed for divorce to end her 15-month-marriage to Depp last month (May16) and was granted a protection order against the 52-year-old movie star after accusing him of physical abuse.

Heard subsequently provided what she claimed was photographic proof of the bruising from alleged altercations with Johnny, leaving many fans and friends shocked and in complete disbelief.

Sicario star Del Toro was among them and now he has spoken out about the drama, insisting he knows his "very-caring" Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas co-star is not violent.

"What I know, there's a lot of trouble from the girl that sounds a little manipulative," Del Toro tells the New York Daily News.

"It seems the fact that his mom passed away and she filed for divorce two days later and then she wants money and she's saying she got hit, it's almost like, 'Wait, I saw them not too long ago'. Maybe it was January, a dinner for the Oscars or something like that. He was there with her and they were fine."

Many of Johnny's closest family and friends, including his ex-partner Vanessa Paradis, their daughter Lily-Rose, and comedian Doug Stanhope, have jumped to the 52-year-old's defence. However, Amber's friend, writer and TV host iO Tillett Wright, is slamming suggestions the actress is making up the claims.

"Bulls**t. I've had enough," she wrote on "I saw the bruises. Many times. And the fat lip. And the cut head. How much evidence does a woman need to present?! She has photos, texts, witnesses, and filed a restraining order... This culture of victim blaming makes me sick. I'm a witness. I'm here. I'm standing up. I can't take any more of this witch hunt."

"I was on the f***ing phone when he hit her," she continued. "I HEARD HER SCREAM. I will testify. Here and in court. Under oath. WHAT ELSE DOES A WOMAN NEED?"

Heard and Depp are due to face off in court on 17 June (16).