Actress Faye Dunaway caused a stir at a Hollywood cinema - when she tried to use her celebrity status to see a film for free.

According to American tabloid the STAR, the Mommie Dearest actress, 62, waltzed up to the ticket counter at the upscale ARCLIGHT movie theatre and asked for one ticket.

The clerk smiled and told her, "That will be $14 (GBP10)."

But the screen star reportedly smirked and responded, "You don't know who I am, do you?"

The cashier quickly fired back, "On the contrary, Miss Dunaway. Everyone here admires your work?"

When Dunaway reportedly asked what her discount would be, she was told by the clerk, "Sorry, Miss Dunaway, we treat everyone like a celebrity here, so it's still $14."

Defeated, the actress reached into her purse and paid.