Movie great Faye Dunaway is among the brains behind a new reality show to find the next Hollywood great.

The legendary actress has teamed up with WARNER BROTHERS TV executives to bring THE STARLET to small screens in America, and she hopes to find the next Nicole Kidman.

She says, "We're really trying to find the next talent, serious talent that is trained, or can be trained, and will go up there and like Julia Roberts and Nicole Kidman and take an OSCAR."

Dunaway will be one of three judges on the show. The others will be top casting director JOE MIDDLETON and KILL BILL star Vivica A Fox.

And she insists she'll be tough on the wannabes: "Life is not going to coddle them, and this town (Hollywood) and this business is certainly not going to coddle them... It's a tricky profession. Many are called and few serve."

Show creator Jamie Kennedy insists Dunaway was an obvious choice as a collaborator on the project - because, to him, she is the "original starlet."

The winner of the show will win a talent deal with Warner Brothers and a guest role in hit show One Tree Hill.

28/02/2005 10:27