LATEST: FAWLTY TOWERS actor ANDREW SACHS will not be filing a police complaint against controversial comedian Russell Brand over a crude phone prank, because he's "not out for revenge".
Brand quit his job as a BBC radio presenter following a stunt with chatshow host Jonathan Ross on 18 October (08), which saw the pair leave four lewd voicemail messages on Sachs' phone. In the messages, they discussed Brand's fling with the 78-year-old's granddaughter Georgina. They also joked about breaking into his house and molesting him, although that dialogue was cut from the aired broadcast.
Sachs was outraged - but he insists he's not going to take the matter further.
He says, "I'm not out for revenge. I'm very sorry it happened. These things happen, people get things wrong, in this case they got it badly wrong."
And Sachs believes Brand and Ross have been punished enough from the media furore it has caused.
He adds, "It's up to the BBC to decide what to do with them. I'm neutral about it. I dare say the two of them are shattered and the director nervous.
"They may recover from it, and be all the better for it."