Dance superstar Fatboy Slim works so hard on each track he records in his home studio, he often falls asleep at his desk.

The RIGHT HERE RIGHT NOW star can't bear to leave a song half-finished and regularly continues until he collapses in the studio in his house in Hove, southern England.

He says, "I work until I drop. Once I was found asleep on the carpet.

"But usually I walk next door and get straight into bed. I sleep pretty well unless I've got a track ingrained in my head."

And Slim - real name NORMAN COOK - also reveals he used to suffer frightening dreams.

He says, "I used to have terrible nightmares where I'd lash out at (my wife, British radio DJ) ZOE in my sleep. I don't get them anymore. I take that to mean I'm at a better place in my life."

03/01/2005 17:33