Fatboy Slim and rocker Damon Albarn have written a revealing song about the dance star's bid to repair his marriage with fellow DJ ZOE BALL - during a drunken binge.

The track, PUTTING IT BACK TOGETHER, is the first time Slim - real name NORMAN COOK - has exposed details of the heartbreaking split, with help from the Blur frontman during a drunken evening at his home.

Slim and Ball split last year (04) for four months after the blonde presenter had an affair with Dj Dan Peppe, but they got back together for their son WOODY.

Cook recalls, "We were both really, really drunk and we kind of la-la'd the song. Normally you do that and you get the melody line, then you write the lyrics and you sing it. But we decided that the la-la-la we'd done was good enough."

A close friend says, "Norman is a pretty private person, so for this to be on his new album is a pretty bold step. It shows they are all over the difficulties they had and he is confident enough to put it on record."

18/07/2004 10:45